Flawless Themes

Flawless Themes

Tech Used: WordPress – Elementor

Flawless Themes was founded back in 2021 as just a side Project. The main reason for starting Flawless Themes was I wanted to enhance my Portfolio by building some free WordPress themes and sending it to wordpress.org which will also be a contribution to the WordPress community. Another reason is I wanted to learn WordPress Development too since I am a Frontend Developer mainly focused on design but I wanted to start on WordPress Development too. So, First I developed a couple of WordPress themes and It was published on wordpress.org and I started Flawless Themes website with just basic Infos of those free themes. I also made a Premium version of those free WordPress Themes to see how much it will convert and surprisingly the conversion rate was very good. This inspired me to add some more WordPress Themes. As I added more themes, I was getting more and more visitors. Finally, I was convinced, that I can make this site big and decided to redesign the website. Till now, I have added 13+ free WordPress themes to wordpress.org, and I have sold over 500+ premium themes from the Flawless Themes Website in a short span of time.

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